“Brig Aurora” by Brig Aurora

Brig Aurora is a four piece folk/psychedelic group from Newark, Delaware. They consist of Jameson May who is on guitar, vocals, and piano. Ryan Mikles who is also on piano and vocals. Ryan also plays the electric keys, synth and acoustic guitar. Chris Roethel is the vocalist, guitarist and bassist and Kody Didich is the drummer and also provides synth.

This is their debut album which according to the group, it is defined by sweet and tender guitar melodies with intricately interwoven harmonies that explode into massive rock n’ roll journeys. Through somber tones the band speaks from the heart about what it means to be alive. The self titled album follows the journey of Captain Chugg Dunkerton and his merry band of four brave raccoons sailing on the Brig Aurora as they try to make their way home.

The first song on the album “In the Eye of the Storm” captures a deadly storm. This song is very calm much unlike being in the eye of a storm. The song switches up with some heavy guitar which makes you feel like you’re on the ship losing control.

The storm eventually leads them into a portal through space and time. As they pass through the portal for what feels like an eternity, they question their reality and wonder if they are condemned to travel aimlessly forever. “Purgatory” is the angelic like song you feel like you would hear as you die. “Am I going to make it out alive?” is the question on your mind as you feel like there is nothing more you can do.

“Half the Time” is showing how the ship finally exits the portal and enters deep space. As the four raccoons drift into sleep, they muse on the ups and downs of life, and the dualities they face every day. This dreamy like song will open your mind, the acoustic guitar plus the vocals may have you shedding a tear or ten. Lyrically this song is relatable, stuck on a ship or not, you often think about the positives and negatives in your life and “Half the Time” captures that feeling accurately.

As the raccoons sleep, Captain Chugg dreams of home, and the comforts it will bring. “Chuggs Dream” transports you into his mind as he shows his vision for his future. The soft piano lets you drift away alongside with him. There’s very few lyrics so it’s easy to dream with the captain. When Chugg wakes up in the morning, he decides to sail on with no clear sense of direction, until he gets lost in the middle of space. “Let it Rest” is a bit more upbeat and it’s easy to let you mind wander, it’s no wonder the captain gets lost.

But now Chugg is scared, he fears he has gone to far. Chugg wonders if there is anyway he can turn things around and pleads with the raccoons to forgive him for leading them astray. It’s “Too Late”….. This song makes you sad, it breaks your heart. You will seriously cry when you hear this song because you can hear the sadness in the vocals and the instruments.

The Raccoons decide to take over and sail the ship to the far corners of the galaxy to try and find home, they no longer trust Captain Chugg to guide them. “Raccoon Rock” makes you want to shake your booty because the raccoons have something funky planned, you can just imagine them sailing the ship and having a good time as they try to get themselves home.

They quickly realize they need Chugg’s help, “Everyone Grows” slows the vibes back down. The raccoons have to pull Chugg out of his self-loathing with love and support. Chugg battles and defeats his own dark thoughts and comes out stronger for it. He exits his quarters a new man, he thanks the raccoons and realizes that they are the home he’s been searching for. “Voyage to…” displays that home is anywhere your friends or family is. It doesn’t need to be one place.

As they sail into the stars, Chugg and the Raccoons decide to leave the past behind and continue their voyage into
the unknown together. The album comes to an end with “Nowhere”, Brig Aurora puts on a show with their self titled album. You are watching a movie as you listen to their album, you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with them after you hear “Brig Aurora.

“I hear brig in everything” -Kody

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Declan Bado




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