“Old Flames” by Tyler Garrett

Tyler Garrett is a native to South Carolina who moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an EDM composer and performer. He is achieving that dream, Garrett just released a new single “Old Flames” which is 80s inspired and pulls influences from the king himself, Michael Jackson.

“Old Flames” digs deep into the thoughts, feelings, and longing over lost lovers. If you have ever broken up with someone or been broken up with, then you’ll easily relate to this song. Tyler has a way of pulling you in with just the beat and he makes you want to stay with his relatable lyrics.

You can hear the MJ influence in the song when you hear Garrett hit the incredible high notes. Tyler Garrett has such soothing and enticing vocals that just makes you gravitate towards him. The person from South Carolina is quickly becoming LA and making dance hits for everyone out there.

This is a club hit that is sure to get all the gays dancing, the fact that Tyler is gay and he made this hit makes it even more relatable for all the gay people in the world. It makes you feel included. It’ll be no surprise when you hear this song in every club across Cali, or Texas or maybe even NY. This is a hit for everyone no matter where you live.

“My fans are everything and have been amazing during this journey, so I’m determined to keep serving them amazing work,” Garrett said. “I’m so excited to share this new song so close to my heart as I prepare to unveil my next album.”

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Devon Dillmore




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