Energetic and full of rock spirit, “SODA” is an addictive debut single from budding independent rock artist Sam Lumar.

Hailing from Spain but living in the U.K, Lumar has released his debut single “SODA” into the world. The track addresses modern day problems like internet addiction and nihilism with a sophisticated vibrancy that allows the deep topics to settle perfectly into the track’s framework. Sonically impressive, the song was mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Oli Morgan (Bastille) and produced by both Lumar and Oz Craggs (Neck Deep). The alt rock sound is familiar but houses surreal uniqueness with its vocal arrangement and almost dystopian vibe. Some similarities could be drawn to the fuzzy addictiveness of Muse or the rock framework of a Linkin Park track but this debut single is clearly full of spirit and soul that I hope will be further explored in Lumar’s upcoming discography.

Sam’s journey with music began during his early childhood in Spain when his dad, a radio presenter, would play his od vinyl’s to him. Over time he began formulating melodies in his head, particularly during school. It was then he decided to commit to his dreams and dedicate his life to his art. Struggling with fears of death, Sam’s art explores deep topics with clarity and grace whilst formulating an eternal existence in the form of sound.

With “SODA” only the first glimpse into Lumar’s exciting sound and vibrant talent, it’s the perfect track to check out before more of his music comes out throughout the year. Stream it now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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