“Dear Alcohol” by Dax

Multi-dimensional artist Dax has a new powerful song, “Dear Alcohol,” that almost everyone can relate to. Whether you’re addicted to alcohol like Dax or something that may seem less dangerous, like behavioral addictions such as shopping, gambling, or video games, addictions make us feel better in the moment but eat us alive later on. Dax describes this on-and-off relationship with alcohol in this genre-fusing, potent track.

“Dear Alcohol” has elements of pop, hip-hop, country, and at the core is poetry. The song begins with the powerful lyrics, “I got wasted cus I didn’t wanna deal with myself tonight” and “My thoughts get drowned till I feel alright,” highlighting that ever-changing feeling with addiction. One part of you knows it’s not good for you, but at the same time, the addiction gets rid of your demons for the time being; it’s a never-ending battle. Especially during Covid-19, drug and alcohol dependency has reached a record high. 

Dax’s music is so captivating that it makes the listener really hear what Dax is trying to relay. In one specific part of the track, Dax explains how he wants to stop drinking, but he yearns for the man he is when he is drinking: confident and not caring what others think, yet it is destroying him in the process. Along with the powerful lyrics, the simplistic yet enchanting instrumental takes the song to the next level.

Take a listen to Dax’s “Dear Alcohol” and his other amazing tracks, as he is an artist that is on the rise. Not only is his music great, but the messages he relays are so important.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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