Artist Interview: “Disassociate” by Isaac Marquez

Q: “Disassociate” is such a catchy song! Can you tell us what it’s about?

Isaac Marquez: Disassociate is about trying to remove all affiliation with a previous codependent relationship that was so ingrained and intertwined with your life and everything about you. It’s funny that by writing and releasing this song, I just might have cemented all future association to that part of my past.

Q: What made you want to become an artist?

Isaac: I think it was my sister who wanted to become an artist way back when we were kids. If she wanted to do it, then I wanted to do it too. It was also the praise that I received early on for putting myself out there as a singer that motivated me to become more comfortable with the idea of becoming one. But the last straw that broke the camel’s back was finding out my love for writing and creating an experience that someone could relate to and connect with. This is one of the main motivating factors behind the writing. “Disassociate” not just as an outlet for myself to transcribe the feelings I had into words and music, but for others to find solace in it as well.


Q: If you could switch bodies with any celebrity for a day, who would you switch with and why?

Isaac: Probably Shaquille O’Neal, just to be 7’1, Dunk, and get free insurance from The General.


Q: Besides music, what else do you do in your free time?

Isaac: Other than work and college, I hang out with friends (if we aren’t making music together already) we go eat, chill at each other’s places, or go out on the town around the San Marcos and Austin, Tx area. I also play a lot of Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch. I’m pretty sure I could take a game or two off the best in the world if I tried my hardest.


Q: If you could pick one song to be the soundtrack of your life, what song would it be and why?

Issac: Lose Yourself by Eminem. But the version on YouTube where he raps about mom’s spaghetti for 10 hours straight would be a solid choice for me. I also have a favorite song. “Old Fashioned” live studio version by Bruno Major. It’s the perfect song for me. It gets me in my feels and it reminds me of a simple kind of love.


Q: What are your future plans with music?

Isaac: I would love to collaborate with a multitude of artists big and small, create projects and songs with a ton of replay value that people continue to connect with, play sold-out shows that are the main event for the city that day, and be instantly recognizable as an artist when my song comes on the radio. All while never losing what I think is special about music, to begin with, and that is relating to it on a personal level and also making you feel something new each time you listen.

Q: How has your choir background helped develop you as an artist?

ELIZABETH: I think that the voice should be the stand out part of a track and I’m not afraid of pushing vocal range. Choral music is so much about blend and the shapes you use when you sing and I love being able to explore that in pop music, especially with backing vocals. I feel like the opening of ‘Didn’t See It Coming’ shows how much I value this.


Q: What is coming up next for you?

ELIZABETH: I have always wanted to be more of a songwriter than an artist, but ‘Didn’t See It Coming’ was too personal to share with anyone else. Next I’d like to focus on pursuing writing and continuing to add to my portfolio of songs and move towards writing for other artists.

Interviewed by Kaitlyn Westerman




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