“Island” by November 2nd

An endlessly endearing blend of classic, mature songwriting and modern production and instrumentation, “Island” is November 2nd’s best single yet.

Despite staying true to their unique rock sound, “Island” sees the band explore a grittier, more soulful sound that perfectly accents Alexandra Langosova’s amazing vocals. A tight rhythm section and thunderous guitar riffs build to a stunning resolution that adds an addictive quality to the song alongside the catchy vocal melodies. The lyrics are equally clever and atop the guttural rock sound the band have nailed, mark one of the groups finest outings to date.

Recorded in the Prague Soundevice studio and produced by Boris Carloff, “Island”’s sound is pure, unfiltered and relentlessly powerful from its opening bars. The smooth guitar production and backing vocals add depth and a solid soundscape to allow the song to truly thrive. The subtle string orchestration gracing the backbeat of the tune is a masterful touch.

Lead singer Alexandra Langosova added: “Working on ‘Island’ with Boris was a creative experience. It was the first time we built a song up from a rhythm, rather than from a vocal hook. We basically broke down the whole song and built it up from the beginning, but yet preserved the original grittiness and November 2nd’s typical guitar sound.”

Langosova also pointed out the influence of Tchad Blake, the mixer of the single, who is known for his eccentric sounds, tones, sound design textures and spaces – often achieved using unorthodox methods: “We grew up on many records that he worked on.. and I still can’t believe we actually had this chance to work with him. His contribution to the atmosphere of the song is immense,” she said, while adding that they were able to meet Tchad Blake through songwriter Suzanne Vega, after previously touring with her.

A cool but eccentric track that pulls you in from the get go, “Island” is an incredible glimpse into November 2nd’s talent and exciting future. With a stunning discography already under their belt and “Island” sounding out as their most addictive single yet there’s no better time to check out one of Czech Republic’s most incredible rising acts. Stream “Island” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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