“Here in My Bed” by exitstands

If you’re looking for a song to help you momentarily detach from reality, try listening to “Here in My Bed” by exitstands. Aptly named, this song is perfect for lying in your bed, staring at the ceiling, and letting the atmosphere of the song wash over you.

Despite its lyrical sparseness and short runtime (falling just under two minutes), “Here in My Bed” provides you with a rich and emotional experience. Repeating “I’ll just lie here in my bed for a while” evokes an almost indescribable emotion. To me, it feels like longing for respite and desperation for peace. The duplicitousness of feeling overwhelmed by life, yet only finding comfort in hiding from it.

In a couple sections of this song, there is muffled speaking where the words are barely discernible. It reminds me of that voice in our heads telling us to get out of bed- the voice we so often ignore in favor of lying peacefully a bit longer. The whispering echoes and atmospheric reverb replicate that dazed feeling of lying in bed half-asleep.

The panning vocals and strings help to create that dazed effect as well. The bass thrums steadily, but drops in and out between sections. It creates anticipation, but isn’t resolved, as the song cuts off abruptly. This mirrors when someone feels close to taking action- to getting up- but is unable to find the willpower to actually do so. “Here in My Bed” by exitstands is a sonically beautiful journey made for those longing to rest. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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