“Do You Know What I Mean” by Sun Smash Palace

Slick beach rock defined by its minimalist and addictive groove, “Do You Know What I mean” is a tune that evokes endless nostalgia and heartfelt emotions through its bright melodies and lush production.

Indie surf band Sun Smash Palace have released the first single off of their upcoming EP (as well as their first song since they moved from Seoul, South Korea to Luxembourg in 2021). Full of reverb packed guitars and catchy melodies, their new track has a distinct sound that perfectly mars modern day production with old-school songwriting. Reminiscent of The Beatles, The Growlers and Oasis (especially with the line “I feel Supersonic” and the track title) “Do You Know What I Mean” is punchy, endlessly endearing and houses a repeat quality similar to both influences.

The song details that age old feeling you get while travelling, an almost invincibility despite meeting countless strangers and being in risky, unfamiliar places. The topic is fresh and new, abandoning conventional motifs of love and relationships to provide an utterly unique experience.

The song is rich in character and sonically stunning amidst Sun Smash Palace’s already remarkable discography. Made up of members from Italy, France and Germany, the groups shimmery beach rock vibe is remarkably addictive and charismatic. With an EP set to release this year, now’s the best time to dive into the bands remarkable sound. Stream the amazing “Do You Know What I mean” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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