“Dynamite” by Molly.

“Dynamite,” a new single by pop artist Molly., has all the signs of a true hit. With catchy production, rich vocals, and tension that builds and falls at a perfect pace, “Dynamite” details the explosive (pun intended) feeling of falling in love. 

Molly. sets the scene in a crowded room on a drunken night, where she is falling for someone and wondering whether they could feel the same. The line “you hit me like dynamite” is a perfect metaphor for developing feelings for someone. The feelings erupt, hitting you like dynamite, and the path of your life changes. Whether it ends in heartbreak or forever, love is always life-altering. 

Throughout the song, Molly. repeats the lines “will you be mine?” She is unsure, but she is persistent because she knows this love is meant to be. Even though the other person’s feelings aren’t explicitly clear, we can guess that they may be having some commitment issues based on the line “are you scared of forever? But what about never?” This person is afraid to commit to a relationship, but Molly. suggests that the alternative of never being together is worse.

This is my favorite line in the song because it gives a new perspective on the fear of commitment. Sure, it’s terrifying to declare yourself to one person for potentially the rest of your life. But if the feelings exist, isn’t it far more scary to ignore them forever? You can recover from heartbreak, but you can never let go of what-ifs. 

Atmospheric vocals and instrumentation pull you in, and catchy transitions keep you invested. Molly. beautifully describes the thrilling hesitance of an overwhelming crush in her magical song “Dynamite.”

Written by Emily Cushing




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