“Candlelight” by Your Crush

“Candlelight,” by Your Crush, composed of sparkly-pop duo Kahn and Yan, contains dreamy, bedroom-pop qualities reminiscent of contemporary artists like Beach Bunny.

The cover art for “Candlelight” depicts butterflies and flowers in soft, muted colors, but at second glance everything is on fire—a homage to the song’s title, “Candlelight,” as well as foreboding for the sadness of the song ahead. Additionally, the colors of the single art mirror the aesthetic of the artist and represent their dreamy, poppy qualities.

Their Spotify bio describes Your Crush as “like the worn pages of your high school diary,” and this release certainly fits that description. The song begins with feminine vocals: “Feels like the end of the road, you just took both your hands off the wheel.” These get straight to the subject of the song, that of a relationship that’s slowly dying as one party operates on autopilot, only going through the motions of love rather than possessing any real spark needed to maintain the “candlelight” of true romance.

Later in the song, a masculine voice joins in to offer what is perhaps the other side of the story, describing how, “You keep running away, I wondered and believed you could change.” This addition gives the song depth and maturity, depicting the reality that failed relationships are often the result of two flawed humans that drift apart rather than someone who’s right and someone’s who’s wrong. “Candlelight” ends with a beautiful piano accompanying the singer repeating, “Your words just feel so empty now,” leaving the state of the relationship and the fate of the couple on an ambiguous note. We’re definitely looking to more sweet, dreamy releases from Your Crush down the road!





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