“I Fell In Love ” by Sharl

Melbourne, Australia based singer-songwriter Sharl’s “I Fell In Love” was released on March 4th, 2022. The song could be a sequel to “That Girl,” another single by Sharl that I reviewed. This single also tells the story of a hurtful relationship, but this song depicts the narrator healing as she reflects on her past with the subject. The vocals in this song fall into lower tones, showing off the range of Sharl’s voice and lending a natural feel to the song. The minimal music allows her voice to take center stage; during the bridge, her voice stands alone. The rhythm of the song sounds almost like clapping hands, adding to the organic and intimate, personal feel.

The lyrics describe the narrator understanding with conviction how bad a past partner treated her, breaking her down, lying, and gaslighting, all while the narrator was blinded by love. However, though she describes being alone, the song remains powerful, with the narrator in a better place. While she may sleep alone, she describes her loved ones standing by her: “The ones that surround me, they never let me down.” The cover art for the single depicts Sharl standing against a white window, back to the camera, wearing a flowing, blood-orange robe, lending to this empowering feel of the song. As Sharl stands facing the white light streaming through the sheer curtains, you can imagine it symbolizes her facing the truth of this bad relationship.

As we’ve previously mentioned in our last review of her work, Sharl was a finalist in an International Songwriting Competition, showing her prowess. “I Fell In Love” was a welcome sequel to “That Girl,” and we look forward to more releases from Sharl in the future!





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