“Drop” by Bota Butterfly

Bota Butterfly’s “Drop” is a powerful and turbulent pop masterpiece. Documenting the push-and-pull of a seductive yet toxic relationship, this track evokes angst, desire, and rejection. The message combined with the skillful production and musical choices makes this song an incredibly entertaining listen. 

The intro opens with a vintage-sounding synth playing some dark, almost jazzy chords. The vocals fall into place with a touch of sensuality and a tasteful sprinkling of vocal fry. The pre-chorus invites this chaotically beautiful arpeggiator, adding texture and movement just in time for the bass drop. The singer chimes, “Thinking how you used to love me / Wouldn’t put no one above me,” as the low-end swells. The melody itself jumps from note to note abruptly. The chorus takes on this fascinating shape, building onto itself with unpredictable and engagingly crunchy patterns. It’s the perfect climax to a catchy and customary verse structure.

The verse returns and resets the song, this time with a few additions for interest, including a pause in which the singer whispers, “I’m just a ghost.” The chorus passes by again, just as animatedly as the last time, but now we’re led into a broken-down bridge section. Here, the vocals really stand out. It starts with just a single, organic-sounding octave, but grows into a stack of belting voices. This all culminates in a half-second of rhythmically pulsating tremolo rocketing us right back into the chorus and concluding the track.

“Drop” really embodies everything about dark pop music. From the despondent lyrics to the minor harmony, it creates a perfect, bite-sized morsel of angst.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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