“Golden Hours” by Jade Empress

Gorgeously intimate and addictive indie pop, “Golden Hours” is the stunning debut from Melbourne based singer-songwriter Jade Empress.

After spending the last 8 months as a doctor on the frontline, Empress found her passion and strength in songwriting. With a vocal elasticity reminiscent of Florence and the Machine and London Grammar, her voice defines the track’s smooth identity and sits perfectly over the lush production. Influenced by greats such as Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald and David Bowie, Empress’ own sound is mature and wholly unique, approaching catchy melodies with clever lyricism and emotive performances.

Speaking about Golden Hours, Jade light-heartedly explains that it’s an “ode to commitment-phobia,” but clarifies that it’s about running towards things, rather than running away. “It’s loving things that are gone and things that never were,” Jade reveals. “It’s about missing things that could never have been, while remaining endlessly optimistic and excited for whatever is around the nexr corner.”

Golden Hours sees her navigating society’s expectations, and was written after Jade was challenged to write a single by producer Max Mitchell, who has previously performed as part of North Queensland production duo Major Minor.Despite being only her first release, “Golden Hours” is a stunning opener for Empress’ discography that shows off her vibrant talent and strengths as a songwriter. With three more singles on their way this year, there’s no better time to dive into Jade Empress’ beautiful sound. Only at the very start of her career, Jade isn’t holding back with her musical dreams, throwing all her talent into her music.

With a distinctly serene and emotive vibe, “Golden Hours” is a charismatic and powerful debut single that deals with difficult themes openly and sonically beautiful. Stream “Golden Hours” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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