“Faith” by Elan Suave

“Make sure my family straight so I put racks up in the bank // I wasn’t born rich so all I really had was faith,” the Big Apple rapper Elan Suave opens his inspirational banger “Faith.” Suave teaches his listeners about how his faith motivated him to continue despite the obstacles he faced. And it’s his faith that he relies on, not anyone else’s. 

The beat combined with his lyrical flow makes “Faith” a great song. Add the relevant message, making it a banger because it’s something people can relate to. It’s appreciative that Suave opens up in this track and teaches his listeners to have faith in themselves no matter what — whether or not the ones close to them have faith in them. The dynamics in his vocals are spectacular and they successfully emit emotion in the song. 

It’s no surprise that Suave can create something as superb as “Faith.” The talented rapper has released numerous works that have received millions of streams on music streaming services. Additionally, Suave is currently 18 years old and started in the music business at the age of 14. He’s young, talented, and continuously rising to fame — that’s beyond impressive!

Overall, the track is phenomenal and proves that Suave is a great artist that will make it far in the music industry. If you like “Faith,” feel free to check out Suave’s earlier works and follow him on social media to find out about works he’s planning on releasing in the future. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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