“Mother Mother” by Ellie Madeland

Ellie Madeland is from a small village in Småland, Sweden, the singer songwriter decided to pursue her music further and in 2015 she moved to London to explore the UK music scene. She collaborates on her music which is created together with the UK-based producer Gentle William.

“Mother Mother” is the second single from the singer, songwriter. She describes it as after the ethereal, trip-hop inspired, it’s personal journey with haunting vocals and post-punk inspired electronica. The song is about her parents divorce and the letters she wrote back and forth between her and her mom.

A breakup comes in many forms, it’s not just between two partners and when the breakup between you and a parent happens, that can be incredibly heartbreaking. Ellie Madeland is pouring her soul out to the world with “Mother Mother” and it’s incredibly hard to not get emotional right along side with her.

The six minute song is simply not long enough, the hard hitting ending to the song just leaves your brain jumbled and your jaw dropped. Ellie is making relatable dark music that you can’t help but to love. Although she only has two songs, she keeps you wanting more.

The release of her next song will be an exciting one, “Mother Mother” is just a taste of what she can do, while you await her next release, all you can do is get in your feelings and play her songs on repeat. You won’t regret it.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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