“Lost Among The Pines” by Nobody’s Wolf Child

Singer-songwriters are very much like storytellers as their songs are built around a theme or an event. Their songs can be based on something that happened in real life, or from their imagination. Singer-songwriter Nobody’s Wolf Child lets her imagination run wild on the single “Lost Among The Pines.”

“Lost Among The Pines” begins with a soft, yet eerie introduction with the synthesizer and some bone chilling sound effects in the background. The addition of the piano and string section adds another layer to the composition, giving it more substance. The vocals of Nobody’s Wolf Child alternate from soft to loud and the backing vocals create a haunting atmosphere as they almost resemble the sound of a wolf howling. Nobody’s Wolf Child takes her audience on a journey as she tells the story of a young woman who is lost in the forest, but eventually realizes that this is where she belongs. “We’re lost in the pines/ I’ll remain/ Where I belong/ In the company of the wolves.” Nobody’s Wolf Child brings her song to life through the use of imagery allowing listeners to experience the sense elements of the song. “Frost on my skin/It’s winter in my heart.” The overall tone of the song is dark and suspenseful, and it bears a similar resemblance to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, but without the romance and vampires.

Nobody’s Wolf Child is based in South East, United Kingdom. To this date, Nobody’s Wolf Child has released three singles. She is planning on releasing more music in the future. 



Written by Brittany Jennings 




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