“Blossom” by Benjamin Cook

Benjamin Cook, an artist based in the UK, displays his incredible compositional skills in his new song “Blossom.” A completely acoustic track with piano as the sole instrument, “Blossom” conveys emotion with surprising ease, given that there are no lyrics to tell us exactly what Cook is feeling.

On his Instagram page, Cook explains the imagery he had in mind when creating this track. He says he pictured a cherry blossom carried on the breeze through the city of Tokyo. I think this comes across very naturally when listening to the song. As the piece begins, it is soft, almost hesitant. The blossom detaches from the branch and begins to fall. As the piano becomes faster, with quick and oscillating notes, you can picture the wind picking up as well. The blossom travels quickly, with no clear pattern, as the wind whips it around.

Sections of “Blossom” feel darker and heavier, depending on the intensity with which lower chords are being played. To me, these sections feel like the blossom is traveling through the crowded city street, with obstacles at every turn. As the song becomes lighter again, skewing towards higher notes that trill with energy, the blossom returns to the freedom of the open air.

“Blossom” comes to its conclusion with slightly slower notes, a subtle fadeout, and a quick mini-scale as the cherry blossom comes to rest on the ground. A lovely piece with a picturesque narrative, “Blossom” by Benjamin Cook is vivid and graceful.

Written by Emily Cushing





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