“WAR” by Monroe Moon

Monroe Moon is an American & English experimental indie pop duo that consists of singer/songwriter Bunny Monroe and Theo Malkin on guitar. The duo are a married couple living in Grand Rapid, Michigan. Notorious for her insomnia, Bunny used to sneak downstairs and play music while everyone was asleep, one day Theo joined and thus Monroe Moon was born.

Their latest single “War” is an anti-war anthem, that written in 2021 about ongoing military conflict. We are ending our third month is 2002 and their message and interpretation is more relevant with the current events in the Ukraine. Everything that has been happening is devastating and sometimes it feels hopeless.

Lyrically “War” hard hitting and gives you the sense of being overwhelmed but the melody is calm and soothing and makes you feel like you might just make it through all the turmoil.  

The song almost has a psychedelic feel to it and you can zone out and let your brain wander, while the six minute song is sad, it is also uplifting at the same time. Monroe Moon is a duo that you are not going to want to miss out on, they are making music for people who like to think and talk about the difficult things such as war.

“War” is the second release of 2022 and the band is set to release five singles. Follow them on Spotify so you don’t miss their next three singles, they won’t disappoint you.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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