“Buzzcut” by Estella Dawn

“Buzzcut” by New Zealand-born and Colorado-based indie pop artist Estella Dawn was first released on March 11th, 2022. It begins with a high female falsetto that quickly transforms into bluesy, sultry vocals accompanied by an underlying beat that makes you want to dance, and a classical guitar-sounding riff.

The song serves as both a seductive challenge to the subject and an energy-infused, confident pop anthem, with lines like, “You better that you’re lucky, I’m sparkling like a glacier, can you match that energy?”. The song is decidedly reminiscent of a siren’s song, with Dawn’s lyrics accompanied with suggestive “Ahs” and breathy sighs. The chorus contains a reference to pop giant Lady Gaga, with the line: “Indigo is the shade that I am, buzzcut rebel, I’m a Bad Romance.” Dawn’s work is reminiscent of Gaga and other pop giants like Shakira, Britney Spears, and early Marina.

Dawn’s Spotify bio references her as a “strong, independent minded artist.” This is fitting not only for the sound and themes of “Buzzcut,” but for her overall artistry; Dawn “writes and records her vocals and piano as well as co-producing all aspects of her music.”

The cover art depicts Estella Dawn, bedecked in jewelry, wearing a red, sheer beaded outfit with her dark hair in a sleek updo, looking over her shoulder back at the viewer; her image is superimposed over a pastel spiral that could be a geode. The song’s title is emblazoned in large pink text across the top, accentuating the song’s femininity.

We loved this release from Estella Dawn; her Spotify bio hints at 14 new tracks being released throughout 2022, and we eagerly anticipate each one!





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