“Fucked Up Feeling” by Hana Piranha

Hana Maria is the daughter of a Catholic priest and was born during a hurricane, she describes it as a prophetic beginning to the diary that’s exposed in her turbulent and often disturbing songwriting. Hana Piranha is a singer and multi-instrumentalist that grew up in Wellington, New Zealand and eventually moved to England at the age of twelve to pursue her dream of becoming a concert violinist. 

“Fucked Up Feeling” is her newest single and it’s already tremendous waves, with over 1,000 listens in just two weeks, it’s clear that people already love it. She says this song is not for those with tender sensibilities. It’s a serenade to your darker impulses and a harrowing portent of where the road to indulgence might lead.

The track was produced by Jason Achilles, mixed by Evan Rodaniche (Cage9), mastered by Epicenter Mastering, and features Ryan Brown (of Dweezil Zappa fame) on drums.

“Fucked Up Feeling” is the song you know you’ve needed in your life and you finally have it. The intensity behind this song is overwhelming amazing, the heavy guitar mixed with the raspy yet airy vocals is a beautiful noise. When the chorus hits, you won’t be able to stop yourself from head banging.

The music video matches the intensity of the song and it’s something you are going to want to watch. Hana Piranha will quickly become your favorite artist if she isn’t already. You are going to add this to your rage playlist and get out any and all anger you’ve been holding in.

“I have bad days where all the rage and angst just pour out of me. I don’t swear often in my songs, but when I do, this is what you get.” – Hana Piranha

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Scott Chalmers




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