“Suicide Mission” by The Marabar Caves

The Marabar Caves is a four piece band from Northampton that formed in 1982, they originally were under the name Yellow Umbrella. The band was started by guitarists and school friends Tony Riseley and Bill Westley and eventually got together with drummer Steve Goddard and bassist Chris Jess.

The Marabar Caves eventually split in 1994 with Tony and Steve going on to form the successful and long-lived Bushpigs. In 2018 Bill Westley returned to Northampton which triggered a reunion of the band with new bassist Duncan Bisatt replacing Chris Jess.

“Suicide Mission” takes on the subject of a wild and almost dangerous relationship which challenges people’s preconceptions of the parties and heads off into unexpected territories. The struggle of being in a relationship that is toxic might be something you know all too well. “Suicide Mission” makes you feel less alone in your struggle.

This is the second new single from The Marabar Caves, it starts off with a fun fresh feel to it. “Suicide Mission” instantly feels nostalgic, with a video to match the vibes. The Marabar Caves will quickly become on of your favorite bands and you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing them on repeat.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Joe Westley





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