“Continue” by Cael Dadian

Don’t say you weren’t warned, but “Continue” by San Diego native Cael Dadian will captivate your heart through his smooth-like-butter R&B vocals and mesmerizing harmonies. The singer takes you on an unexpected journey through his tender lyrics and moving instrumentals. You wouldn’t want the song to end, but it sadly does. 

“Call me if you want to continue // do you want me right there with you,” Dadian sings so gracefully. As a matter of fact, everything about the song is so graceful, including the instrumentals. They don’t overpower the talented singer and every component of the track blends perfectly well. Dadian has you on the edge of your seat as he emits his passion and emotions through his vocal talents. It’s beyond incredible. 

The surprising part is the fact that Dadian recorded, wrote, and produced the track by himself. Now, that’s nothing new in the music industry but it seems almost impossible to produce, record, and write a song all by yourself and it comes out sounding bellissimo — like absolute perfection!

Dadian has been releasing music since 2017, so it’s safe to say that the singer-songwriter and producer knows exactly what he’s doing. Thankfully, there’s a beautiful music video to go with the track, which was filmed and directed by Mitch Hernandez. At the end of the video when you see Dadian drop the mic and walk away, you want to scream for him to come back and keep singing. 

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Written by: Taylor Berry

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