“If We Ever Break Up” by David Unlayao

“If We Ever Break Up” by singer-songwriter from the heart of Tennessee, David Unlayao, makes listeners think about what their lives would look like without that one special person — not a thought you’d want to visit. This brand-new single gives an invigorating taste of what it’s like to lose someone you love. And it’s remarkable how Unlayao invites the listener to feel the emotions through the lyrics, but also with the continuous build in the instrumentals. 

A mixture of pop, country, and pop rock is hear in the two-and-a-half-minute song. Therefore, the track has a lot of flavor and dynamism that ensures the listener won’t find it bland or tedious. Unlayao does showcase his individuality in the heartbreak anthem, however, you do hear a tiny bit of Sam Hunt influence in his vocals. Now, that doesn’t make it a bad thing, it’s just that in certain parts of the song, Unlayao’s vocal style is parallel to Hunt’s. 

Unlayao is not new to the music scene; in fact, the Filipino-American singer has been releasing music since 2020, after moving to Nashville. He’s clearly beyond talented and creates music that his listeners can connect to — the epitome of a great musician. 

You can catch Unlayao performing two days a week on Nashville’s Broadway St. at the 12/30 Club. But for those who don’t have the luxury to enjoy Unlayao in person, you can always stream his songs on all music streaming platforms and follow him on his music journey through social media!

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