‘Fatal Kiss’ by Gideon Foster

Gideon Foster is one of those artists that blends having musical talent with having a story that many people can relate too. This artist didn’t get his start in music until he was 52 years old. Having a background in classical music, he didn’t have much time to create, because of life doing what it does and getting in the way of everything. Many of us want to pursue our passions, but it’s so hard to take care of what’s in the here and now. That’s what makes Foster’s story so uplifting. It’s one that shows that we can get our start no matter where we are in our lives, because things happen to every person at different rates. Foster’s latest track ‘Fatal Kiss’ has just been released in preparation of his new album coming this year.

‘Fatal Kiss’ has such a nice dreamy indie sound. The reverby guitar really sets the atmosphere, and the softer production gives it a nostalgic tone. The vocal harmonies used throughout add a lot of depth. The bass has a nice bounce to it and works well with the drums to set a catchy beat to the track. There’s a nice soft sound to the vocals as well. One thing that stands out in this track are the experimental sounds that are reminiscent of the 80s psychedelic scene. This can be heard in the dark and dissonant bending synths at about 1:40, and they add an ominous dash to the tone of the track. ‘Fatal Kiss’ is well crafted and original, and it does an amazing job at pulling you in and keeping you there.

The lyrics of ‘Fatal Kiss’ can be read in a few different ways. One of them is the exploration of a heartbreaking end to a relationship, and the other is a tale of someone who lost their lover in the moment of a ‘Fatal Kiss.’ The first translation mentioned offers an aspect of allegory as the lyrics portray their meaning in a representative way, and the second translation is more literal. This can be heard in the lyrics, “Shots outside, a fatal kiss… She’s fading away.” There’s a lot to look into while analyzing the lyrics to this track, and that increases the replayability tons.

Gideon Foster is a Yorkshire/Manchester-based artist who got a late start to his musical career. He’s here to prove that you can jump into your passions and do a great job no matter where you are in life. ‘Fatal Kiss’ is a single off of an upcoming album that Foster has been working on. He believes in making music with passion and breaking out of the reins of genre. Gideon has a background in playing music, but it took a while for him to get his actual start releasing his creations due to life complications; something we all can relate to on some degree. ‘Fatal Kiss’ adds another original and dynamic track into Gideon Foster’s discography, and there’s more to look out for soon!





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