“Cold Feet” by Dom Malin

What I love about “Cold Feet” by UK-based artist Dom Malin is the fact that you either listen intently or passively but still get swept up in the melodies and lyrics. The meaning behind the song is a bit melancholy but something many people can relate to. In many relationships, one partner can start to shiver in fear at the thought of commitment and possibly end up walking away without a warning, leaving the other partner with a broken heart and possibly a swarm of unanswered questions. 

It’s a brilliant song with simple yet anthemic lyrics. I love how the instrumentals and vocals blend extremely well and captures the feelings of being left by someone you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with. Funny thing, despite that person having cold feet, you’re left wondering where you went wrong and how you could’ve fixed everything. 

There’s no doubt that Malin will and has touched the hearts of many people, especially those who can relate to this issue. Malin is an incredible musician who’s incredible with showing emotion and passion in his songs. 

Malin has been releasing music since 2020, so there are a lot of songs out there by him for us to enjoy. You can check out “Cold Feet” along with his other releases on all music streaming platforms. And you are highly encouraged to follow the singer on his music journey through social media. Thank you, Malin, for an incredible song that will help millions heal from broken hearts. 

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