“Little Lies” by Elison

Elison’s latest single, “Little Lies,” is an indie-pop dream: sultry vocals, hazy guitars, and an overall euphoric feeling. From the very opening note, “Little Lies” has its own unique sound that makes it special. The song’s warm feeling that it encapsulates is equivalent to the peacefulness of what it must feel like floating on a cloud.

“Little Lies,” although overall creating a dream-like, fuzzy atmosphere for the listener, actually has a much more melancholic message. According to the group, the track is about “a love burdened by an unspoken truth.” The track’s title is honest, as little lies can often destroy a relationship; the small lies begin to build up until they eventually explode in one’s face. 

Composed of synths, guitars, and singer Marissa Kephart’s silky-smooth vocals, “Little Lies” is the perfect mix of indie rock, dream pop, and shoegaze. It’s so easy to just close your eyes and really melt into this track.

The cinematic-like blissful song is written by Marissa Kephart, who, after 20+ years of wishing, finally began to tell her truth and create music. Along with Kephart, the instrumentals of Elison were made possible by bandmate Scott Yoshimura (The Envy Corps).  The band’s last track, “Hopes & Horoscopes,” encompassed success with 50+ features and was placed on the top five “most popular songs” on Hype Machine. Listen to “Little Lies” and their other recent single, “Light & Day”; you won’t regret it!

Photo Credit: Jennifer Palmer

Written by Melissa Cusano

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