“Save Anyone” by Gloomy June

“Save Anyone”, the latest release by the newly renamed San-Francisco-based rock band Gloomy June, manages to be exciting and introspective. Not a moment goes by that feels disingenuous or wordy. Instead, the band easily weaves the varied melodies and the deeply emotional lyricism perfectly into this catchy new release.

Alongside this phenomenal song, Gloomy June released a music video that’s entertaining and captures the atmosphere of the song awesomely. It showed off the band’s personality in a creative and unique way. Plus it complements the lyrics and showcases the different band members.

What really makes “Save Anyone” stand out was its versatility. High-energy chorus’ were contrasted with atmospheric bridges that made both the highs sound higher and the lows sound lower. Dynamics are an often overlooked element, but as Gloomy June prove, their impact can make a song all that more impressive.

Another particularly impressive part was how personable the band sounds. Lyrics manage to be introspective and genuine without being hard to follow. Instead, they sound like they’re coming from a close friend who wants the best for you. Self-confidence isn’t always easy, but Gloomy June reminds us that sometimes having someone to build you up works just as well. “Save Anyone” will have you reminiscing with a smile on your face. A song that is as catchy and happy as it is memorable and well-developed. Every different voice deepend the songs texture without losing the energy that is pivotal to the listening experience. As beautiful as it was vulnerable.

“Save Anyone” by Gloomy June is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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