“I’ll Crawl” by Martin Reynolds

On his latest release, “I’ll Crawl”, United Kingdom-based singer/songwriter Martin Reynolds pairs poetic vocals with an easy-going instrumental. Reminiscent of light rock the energy was gentle yet unabating. Atmospheric and unique, this latest song is entertaining and a joy to listen to. 

Between the introspective vocals and the rhythm section that easily supported them, there was never a moment where the texture was thick or complicated. Instead, all the different voices melded pleasantly adding color to Reynolds storytelling. Beautiful and rich, the different voices bolstered the message behind the vocals. Not only was it a delight to listen to, but one that has you thinking back at it for hours to come.

What kept me coming back to “I’ll Crawl” was the versatility of everything. One second the chorus is in full swing, and the next the song slows to silence. No matter what was happening in the instrumental, the vocals matched and enhanced it. It helped both the message from the lyrics as well as the instrumental melodies soar to new heights

An excellent example of poetry put to music. Lyrics like “You believe in freedom of speech, at least think before you speak” paint a picture of power and frustrated lyrics. Never mincing words, there are plenty of quotable lines. Not only do they capture Reynolds frustration with the current situation we find ourselves in, but they do so in an approachable way. It’s easy to rant, but to make someone want to listen to that rant is no easy task. “I’ll Crawl” managed to capture the brutal honesty of his emotions while still keeping the songs energy. A phenomenal listening experience that is bound to put a smile on your face.

“I’ll Crawl” by Martin Reynolds is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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