“Alien” by Saint Quaint

Defined by its wonderfully guttural rhythm section and polished production, “Alien” is a powerhouse track that pulls you in from the opening bars.

Joshua Jandreau conceived Saint Quaint when he began to feel unsatisfied with his musical outings. Based in Boston, Jandrea grew up with a classical background but fell in love with all kinds of music as he grew up, from contemporary rock acts like Radiohead to genres like Jazz and Funk.

Jandreau discussed the inception of Saint Quaint below:

“The wheels of realization began to turn in 2013 when, during a conversation I had with a well-known composer, he asked me why I wasn’t doing the thing that came more easily to me – writing songs. I didn’t have a good answer for him at the time, and it continued to gnaw at me with growing intensity over the next four years. I traveled across the country looking for answers, moving from Arizona back to New England, growing increasingly dissatisfied with both my classical music, my empty creative life, and a hard drive overflowing with songs no one would ever hear. In 2017 I stepped on stage again for the first time in a decade to confront those old fears, that old baggage that haunted me. 2019 saw me staring down the barrel of my 30th birthday, and I realized I didn’t want to live another decade in fear, anxiety, and denial; I had already spent 12 years running from myself. So I decided to start making changes: I released a ton of old music, stepped away from classical music to focus on songwriting, and began performing again. The change has been incredibly difficult but I feel more creatively fulfilled than I have in a long time. In 2020, I realized I needed help, so I beganworking with a coach to help me articulate and realize the shape and direction of my art and interests, which has brought me to Saint Quaint.”

 Recorded in Saint Quaint’s home studio and mastered by Pete Maher who previously worked with industry titans like U2 and Rolling Stones, “Alien” is a mature and thoroughly captivating single that houses a distinct sound and vibe to sink your teeth into. A true musician at heart, Jandrea’s passion and talent shines through every note and chord progression.

Saint Quaint’s debut single is a stunning opener for the Boston based artist and an absolute must for any indie pop lovers. Gorgeous production and an emotive performance from Saint Quaint makes this an incredibly memorable track that will have you begging for more. Stream “Alien” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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