“Constant Reminder” by N4November

Slick pop-rock with stunning production, “Constant Reminder” is an emotive new sound for N4November that’s equally addictive as it is impressive.

Formed in July of 2021 by Alex, the sole member of N4November, he acts as the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of the project. Influenced by the likes of The 1975, Taylor Swift, 5 Seconds of Summer, Paramore and Waterparks, N4November’s sound is bright and colourful whilst dealing with important issues and topic with maturity.

The song is defined by its addictive chord progressions, lush production and steady drums that provide the perfect backbeat for Alex’s vocals. His lyrics explore emotionally complex themes we all go through while never being dragged down by conventional or overused motifs.

Alex talked about what inspires his music below;

“During Taylor Swift’s live perfomance of Last Kiss on her Speak Now world tour, she said:” I think we need music the most when we’re feeling things really intenely.” And that quote has always stuck with me since 2011. I truly need music in every aspect of my day to day life, and so instead of adapting songs to my life, I started writing songs about my life”.

With a stunning discography already under his belt Alex’s newest single under N4November, “Constant Reminder” is a mature and catchy step in the right direction for his budding talents as an artist and songwriter. A brilliant track you need to check out “Constant Reminder” is only a glimpse into N4November’s amazing future. Stream “Constant Reminder” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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