“Tell Us/Dark Red Dice” by Johnny & The Brewsers

The third release from Johnny & The Brewsers is ferocious hard rock defined by the infectious energy we’ve grown to love in Johnny’s captivating discography.

After starting Johnny &The Brewsers in January 2021, Johnny Brewser quickly began cementing his sound in blues and hard rock, with consistent forays into desert rock and soul. A relentlessly catchy sound and delicious tones alongside electrifying live performances helped garner him a strong following. His gritty recordings add an addictive edge to his sound that’s growing harder and harder to come by in today’s rock landscape. Recorded at his house in County Meath and helped by his brother Adam in the mixing, mastering and production side of things, “Tell Us” and “Dark Red Dice” both have a distinctly full sound, driven by thunderous rhythm sections and crunchy guitars.

Brewser described the tracks below:

““Tell Us” paints a picture of a planetary god, tired of her creations abusing her and destroying the perfect world that she has created for them. In a last ditched attempt to save herself, she fights back, torn between the idea of wiping out her children in order to save herself. “Dark Red Dice” sees a change in pace. A slow, bluesy track telling the story of one person’s battle with the ravages of depression and them bouncing back from the brink.”

Johnny’s budding talent as both a songwriter and musician is on full display here, with addictive chord progressions and a more distinct and cohesive sound emerging. His lyricism is on point, particularly on “Tell Us”, inviting the listener in and holding on till the final cadence. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly makes Johnny’s voice work so well with the wonderfully colossal guitars, but his grungy baritone houses such raw emotion it’s endlessly impressive.

With a strong discography already under his belt and these two new tracks marking an exciting glimpse into what Johnny & The Brewsers future holds, there’s no better time to listen to one of Ireland’s most exciting upcoming rockers. Powerful and raw with emotive lyrics and strong performances all round, “Tell Us” and “Dark Red Dice” are two singles you need to check out. Stream them now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman




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