“The Climb” by Sano Hill

Tight, mature songwriting paired with an addictive voice and lush production makes Sano Hill’s latest single a stunning debut entry in the Galway based artists discography.

The first single of his debut album, “The Climb” shows off Hill’s talents both as a musician and songwriter. On top of this, the track was recorded in the iconic Windmill Lane Studious (Dublin) with the award-winning Larry Hogan. The tight production allows Hill’s seamless vocals to glide over the track effortlessly, perusing the gorgeous chord voicings with grace. The lyrics are rich and unique while still providing a solid theme to get behind. Inspired by love, loss and the intricacies of life, “The Climb” is rebellious and powerful, defined by its emotive vocal performance.

This debut single acts as a charismatic start for the Irish upcomer but he’s no stranger to the music industry. Having played to audiences in the US and Ireland with some of his work found on compilation albums such as “Origin: See the Light”, “New Horizons” and “Inundation”.

His talents as a lead vocalist do not overshadow Hill’s stunning guitar work on full display throughout “The Climb”. The chord progressions are stunning in both sound and execution, particularly in the chorus. Though chilled out and full of rich fingerpicking, the intensity is never diminished thanks to the power in Hill’s voice and the sturdy rhythm section keeping the track chugging along.

An unbelievable debut single, there’s no better track to get a glimpse of Sano Hill at the start of a promising career. Wonderfully mature and full sounding, “The Climb” is a masterful track that pulls you in from its opening bars. Stream it now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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