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Review & Interview: “Boy And His Best Friend” by Zach Ray

“Boy and His Best Friend” was released on March 11, 2022, and is singer and songwriter Zach Ray’s third single of this year. The song, falling squarely into the country genre, tells the story of a boy growing up with his best friend, man’s best friend. I know you’re probably thinking “of course it’s a country song about a dog” but this tells a story that anyone with a dog in their family knows all too well – when we lose a part of our family.

Like many country songs, particularly those years ago, “Boy And His Best Friend” starts off with a beautiful guitar riff before introducing the story’s characters – a boy, his mama, and his furry best friend, a dog. This song hit me right in the feels as I thought about the family dog we just lost not too long ago. It’s such a beautifully written tale for anyone with pets who are their family.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the Oklahoma-born singer and songwriter fell into country music after having grown up on it. That reflects in his music as does his wife, God, family, and just life – all of which are the most prominent topics discussed in country music.

Now planted in Nashville, I expect we will be hearing more from this country artist. Zach says that he will be releasing a new single every month for the year 2022, so be sure to follow him on his socials and Spotify to keep up.

Q&A with Zach Ray

Q: “Boy and His Best Friend” is such a wholesome and great song. Did you have a four-legged best friend growing up?

ZACH RAY: I am and always will be a dog lover! My parents brought home my first best friend right when I was born. He was a German Shepherd named Patton and anywhere I went he was right there by my side. We had 13 great years with him and it was one of the saddest days of my life when he passed.

Q: What was the creative process behind “Boy and His Best Friend”?

ZACH: It was an idea that I have held on to for a while. I was just waiting on the right person to write it with. My good buddy Larry Frick was that person. He’s out in North Carolina and we write together over Zoom. I brought the idea up and we took off with it. The song basically wrote itself. We didn’t want to write the last verse but the whole time we both knew that the song was headed in that direction.

Q: You first started singing in front of others at church. How old were you when you first started and did you always know you’d take the path you’re on?

ZACH: I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 7 or 8 years old and I sang an old gospel song “Lead Me, Guide Me” by Elvis Presley. I didn’t know it then, but that moment would be where it all started. Through high school and college I had always dreamed of being an artist one day but never thought it would happen. That dream turned into reality when my wife and I moved to Nashville in the summer of 2016.

Q: What has been the highlight of your music career so far?

ZACH: Singing has allowed me to do a lot of amazing things. I got to sing at the Oklahoma State FFA Convention in front of 10,000 people, sing in different churches and cathedrals across Central Europe, and now I’m playing at some of the best venues in Nashville. My favorite highlight has and always been meeting the people that come to my shows. I love hearing their stories and how my music has impacted their lives. 

Q: You have opened up for stars like Stoney LaRue and Chris Cagle. What was that like?

ZACH: It was amazing! That was my first glimpse of getting to see behind the scenes of some bigger acts and how they operate and perform. 

Q: If you could take any ONE album with you, which would it be?

ZACH: George Strait’s “Pure Country” album. He is my all time favorite and that is one my favorite movies. I know every song on that album!

Reviewed & Interviewed by Dana L. Sullivan





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