“Sleeper” by Isolated Corners

Edward Tucker comes from Exeter, UK,a solo artist that is doing big things. He alone is Isolated Corners, he plays and produces everything you hear on the EP “Sleeper” which is described as “high energy, all killer no filler.”

Being a solo artist can be difficult and doing everything on your own can become tedious. Edward figured out how to get his guitar on the computer and there was no stopping him. Isolated Corners came about in 2017, in his bedroom studio. He made a small ambient EP focusing on eerier and unsettling vibes and sounds and along the way his production and writing style has grown into an aggressive Post-rock / post-punk kind of sound which is what “Sleeper” is all about.

Edward starts the EP off with “Double Negative” which is one of the slower songs but it does not disappoint. The is a song that makes you think, it has a very nostalgic feel to it and you feel like you’ve transported back to the 90s. The grungy sound provides exactly what you need. When the song is ending, you are left wanting more.

“Cornerstone” and “Flatline” are two songs that give off a very summer vibe while strangely being somber. Isolated Corners has a beautiful way of making music that digs deep into your soul. Edward has a way of tapping into many emotions. “I Know Something That I Shouldn’t”, “Cornerstone” and “Flatline” were all of Isolated Corners singles of 2022, which is no surprise on why Edward chose to release them, they are spectacular.

As “Sleeper” comes to the end, you get a slower upbeat song…”I See That Side Of Me” and an extremely slow yet powerful song “Spin”. Both songs end the EP perfectly, it is exactly the right dosage of Isolated Corners. The solo artist is doing things that most can’t and he’s great at it. You will add “Sleeper” to all your playlist, it’s the perfect way to get your day started or even end it, you won’t want to miss out.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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