“Do You Regret It?” by Cristal B.

When it comes to romantic relationships every couple has their share of arguments from time to time. If the arguments become more frequent or abusive, then the person that is being subjected to this behavior needs to take a stand, voice his or her thoughts and feelings, and leave the relationship. The single “Do You Regret It?” by singer-songwriter Cristal B. addresses this subject matter.

“Do You Regret It?” is a piano based ballad, which accompanies the vocals of Cristal B. Cristal’s vocals are soft, rich, and filled with so much emotion. The lyrics are honest and heartfelt as Cristal sings about how her heart was broken and how the relationship impacted her on an emotional level. “You chose to wound me/In ways that cannot be repaired/Was too scared to defend myself/Against your fabricated tales.” The song also conveys how victims of abusive relationships can fall into the trap of being judged by outsiders when they have not had a chance to tell their side of the story. “I don’t want other people’s judgements/When they’ve all heard your side first.” The backing vocals in the chorus add harmony and substance to the composition. At the end of the song Cristal’s vocals drop out and the piano delivers a haunting, somber performance.

Cristal B. is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and she has been making music since 2021. She is quickly making a name for herself with her ability to craft songs that are authentic and relatable to her listeners.


Written by Brittany Jennings

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