“you’re so pretty (ugly like me)” by Venus In Spirals

Raw and unapologetic alt-rock, venus in spirals newest song is a powerful anthem layered in ferocious shoegaze and hypnotizing guitars.

Recorded solely in Auckland based, singer-songwriter Liam Atkin’s bedroom, this track’s sound is sheer power, with hints of noise rock and psychedelic punk being the icing on top of this songs strong base. The gorgeously fuzzy guitars and swelling reverbs are reminiscent of My Bloody Valentines enchanting sonic landscapes and the strong lyricism and passion evoke a nostalgia similar to Deftones but Venus In Spirals have defined their own sound with captivating melodies and emotive performances.

The track expands on the artists talent we were introduced to in previous singles like “Meet Me In An Hour” and “I’ll Never Enjoy The Sun Again”. Keeping with a similar theme and vibe but exploring more textured reverbs and thunderous production qualities, “you’re so pretty (ugly like me) is the perfect next step for Venus In Spirals.

Pure and unfiltered, this new track screams punk but is shrouded in gorgeous shoegazy fuzz that perfectly represent the song’s vibe and acts as the perfect atmosphere. Paired with serenely layered production that allows everything to sit neatly in the mix, “you’re so pretty (ugly like me)” is an exciting glimpse into Venus In Spirals maturity and growth as a project.

The perfect introduction to Venus In Spirals unique and ethereal rawness, this new single perfectly captures mature angst in the best way possible. With an eclectic discography already under his belt there’s no better time to check out Venus In Spirals awesome music. Stream it now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman




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