“Queen of Spades” by Jesse Grossi

Infectiously upbeat indie rock that’s full of catchy guitar hooks and vocal melodies, “Queen of Spades” is the perfect summer track for 2022.

While similarities could be drawn with Maroon 5’s pop sensibilities and Fall Out Boy’s lyricism, Jesse Grossi has defined his own brand of pop rock through several stunning releases including the critically acclaimed “Moments of Fire” and the addictive “Outcast”. His early 2000’s energy and style paired with his modern-day production and song writing structure make for a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish. With an eclectic discography, rich in lush soundscapes and dynamic energy, “Queen of Spades” settles neatly into Grossi’s catalogue.

Although vibrant and full, there’s a tender, laid back warmth to Grossi’s style that’s immediately noticeable in “Queen of Spades”. The catchy chorus is simple and effective, pulling you in with dynamic vocals and a strong sense of melody.

When asked about the track, Grossi said:

“Queen of Spades is about meeting that special someone, that special someone that takes you on a wondrous journey of feelings & emotions and no matter what, when you fall asleep at night you meet up in thy dreams.”

Recorded at Dino Latino Studios (except the vocals recorded in Ferias Studios), the song was mixed and mastered by Andres Ferias. His sense of space within his sound allows the track to swell perfectly and Grossi’s vocals to sit nicely in the mix. The guitars and bass are full and crunchy, laying a stunning foundation for the main melody.

A stunning single that perfectly slides into Grossi’s discography, “Queen of Spades” is a must for any fans of energetic, alt-pop rock. Check it out now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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