“Lonely” by Girl in the mirror ft Emily McNally

Girl in the mirror is a music producer and vocalist/songwriter based in Budapest, Hungary, who releases light, emotional, energetic electronic music since 2018. She is an avid coffee lover and firm believer in broken clocks that are right twice a day. She got interested in producing electronic music four years ago when she fell in love with the kawaii EDM scene. She says her music has been influenced by anime culture, and recently trap, you either find sweet songs made of cute bubbly synths and soft sine waves, guitars, piano or some more serious vocal songs.

“Lonely” is a very chill EDM song with vocals and a beat that will relax you to the max. This is the type of song you listen to after you’ve had a bad day. It’s a song about not wanting to be lonely when night falls, that empty feeling can leave you broken. “Lonely” accurately captures that vibe and that emotion.

Girl in the mirror is producing music that is clearly making people fall in love with her songs and “Lonely” is no different, it will soon be one of her top songs. Everyone will be raving about it and they won’t be able to stop, the relatability that “Lonely” has is unmatched. At some point in your life, you have been lonely and sometimes that feeling can be indescribable but not for Girl in the mirror.

Girl in the mirror will quickly become a favorite artist of yours, “Lonely” will be added to your top playlists. As you watch the video, and as the song comes to an end you will notice her influences of anime in the video. Between the lyric video and the song, you will not be disappointed with “Lonely” from Girl in the mirror and Emily McNally.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Diána Nagy





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