‘she never loved me’ by SVBERTOOTH

Coming out of original trio Room 33, SVBERTOOTH shows a clear and succinct evolution in sound. It shows both White Beasley and Jordan Donovan’s musical growth, as they jump into this project which has started with a darker and heavier sound. These musicians have tons of emo influences and have shown that they can work this new sound into absolute bangers. This is a musical story comparable to a phoenix, truly displaying that this duo can rise up into something fresh and new. Much like a phoenix sheds into a fiery bird, SVBERTOOTH had a wonderful new form to change into. That evolution can be seen now, especially in their latest track ‘she never loved me.’

‘she never loved me’ might just be the next emo-rap banger on your radar. It takes sounds from the emo-rap genre but delivers a bit of a heavier take on the sound. It’s a song that you could bop to or cry to, your choice. SVBERTOOTH does a great job at taking the hip-hop sound and adding tons of melody and dynamics to their vocal bars. It has a way of hooking you in and encapsulating you in its sound. This track is well put together, crisp in production, and perfectly fits the darker introspective tone the lyrics provide. It’s definitely a single that you should be listening to.

As SVBERTOOTH themselves explain the lyrics of ‘she never loved me,’ “This song is about our toxic relationship with drugs and the effect it has on our mental health and the people in our lives.” It captures the culmination of an opioid addiction that both band members had which had negative effects on their mental health and the people around them. When you listen to this track, you can hear how it captures the entrapment that addiction holds, causing anxieties over what life might be like if you didn’t have access to these drugs. This trap can be an extremely hard one to escape.

SVBERTOOTH is a rap duo consisting of vocalist/producer/audio engineer White Beasley and vocalist/producer Jordan Donovan. These two started creating music together in high school, and this gave them the opportunity to grow and learn music creation together as they created. This duo started as a trio called Room 33 prior to becoming who they’re known as today. SVBERTOOTH have played a few shows but have mostly been in the studio since Covid shut down venues worldwide. ‘she never loved me’ does a great job at showing SVBERTOOTH’s ability to work with different energy levels, as it works with a bit of a more fast-paced energy than their debut single, ‘Comedown.’

Written by Sage Plapp



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