“Shake on the Floor” by Lucifers Beard

Chris Barnes is a solo artists from the UK that writes and records all the music at his home studio, although sometimes he does call in favours for live. Over the last few years he has built his own recording studio with money that was meant for a new kitchen floor. He girlfriend was not pleased but the world is because it led to the release of “Shake On The Floor”. He worked closely with Ed Ripley (NOFX/Frank Turner/Spice Girls) who mastered “Shake On The Floor” for Chris.

“Shake On The Floor” is the newest release from Lucifers Beard, and according to Chris it’s about letting go of any cultures and restrictive themes, just doing what feels right for you. That is a hard thing to do, to focus on what you need. Sometimes it’s easier to help everyone else before you help yourself.

“Shake On The Floor” is a song that will have you dancing and headbanging at the same time, with a song that focuses on themes of control and/ or lack of control. You won’t be able to stop yourself from losing control. SOTF will soon become a favorite song of yours and Lucifers Beard will be a favorite artist.

Lucifers Beard is quickly going to rise to the top, “Shake On The Floor” will be stuck in your head hours after hearing it. The aggression behind the song is something to be admired, Lucifers Beard is truly making special music and you aren’t going to want to miss out.

“I feel frustrated with the world and this is my of venting some of that feeling. Feel like i’m halfway out of the dark when I release music. It’s weird.” – Chris

Written by Jaye Maverick





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