“Sunday Service” by V-Train

Pennsylvania-based artist V-Train has a new peaceful and tranquil track, “Sunday Service.” Composed of low-toned beats, addicting melody, and an ultra-relaxing overall atmosphere, “Sunday Service” is a song that is equal to the feeling of floating on a cloud. Not only does “Sunday Service” have a harmonious vibe overall, but it has a more profound and personal meaning to V-Train himself. 

Vernon Jeffries is the project behind V-Train. “Sunday Service” portrays the cherished memory of growing up in Church, the cheerfulness as a child every Sunday that he experienced growing up. Along with his highly gifted mother, who played the piano, the two of them led the worship in Church every Sunday. “Sunday Service” gives that same warm, nostalgic feeling of being with your family and those you love in one particular place every week.  

After listening to “Friends Let Me Tell You About Jesus” by Dixie-Aires, V-Train turned an already mesmerizing and uplifting track into a modern Lofi song. Although “Sunday Service” has its modern elements, it doesn’t stray too far from V-Train’s childhood gospel music, as it still has an overall religious tone. According to V-train, “Sunday Service” “…presents the old-time gospel sounds that were present in the Black Churches.” 

The upbeat track has a fuzziness feeling to it that makes it so easy to relax and unleash all those worries of the week, even if it is just for three minutes. With its silky-smooth bass, guitars, synths, and ultra-calming drums, “Sunday Service” is the ultimate nostalgic Lofi dream.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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