“Cocaine Love” by Perry Ripley

Emerging from Brighton, UK, comes singer-songwriter Perry Ripley who says to bring a moody, raw and thought-provoking portrayal of his emotions through his original lyrics. When an artist such as Perry presents music that makes you feel so emotional, it almost makes you feel like you are losing control. By the time you finish “Cocaine Love” you will be obsessed with Perry Ripley and the video associated with the song.

If you’re not one of the three thousand people that has listened to “Cocaine Love”, you will be soon. The song provides an intimate and sexy tone to it, and Perry’s voice is so soothing on the track. Perry says ”Cocaine Love” is about the struggles of addiction and how similar it is to love and the video is a metaphorical symbolisation of how people over sexualise and fantasize about the use of drugs and that lifestyle.

If you have ever had an addiction or been around someone who has had an addiction then you know how accurate “Cocaine Love” is, the sinking feeling you get in your heart but yet the glow that comes across your face. Perry Ripley has made a relatable song that you will have on repeat.

As you await for more music from Perry, you can play the self titled EP “Cocaine Love” so you can get your “fix”. Perry has plenty of amazing songs that will have you hooked, and videos to match. “Cocaine Love” is definitely a song that you won’t forget about.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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