‘Lose Your Mind’ by Sekai

“An artists vision is something no one else can be expected to see, but what he creates will inevitably allow others to find their own.” This is a quote from hip-hop and R&B artist Sekai, an artist who explores his vision in this way; a way that helps others find their own vision through his musical creations and writing. Sekai’s debut single ‘Lose Your Mind’ creatively dashes positivity into the modern hip-hop scene.

One thing that’s super captivating about ‘Lose Your Mind’ is how it dashes an upbeat and cheerful tone into the darker bass and trap beats heard in hip-hop today. It gives that feeling you get when you listen to an absolute banger, but there’s a lot more happiness and a lot less anger dashed in. The production on this track provides clarity while giving the vocals the spotlight. The dreamy and faded-out vocals in the background weave their way into the instrumentation so well, and they’re extremely entrancing. The energy in the track gets a lot of its drive from the quick and succinct trap drums, and the 808s fit in with the bass to tie the beat into the music well. The autotune adds a bright and full tone into the vocals, which helps them stand out and grab the spotlight. This is a track that’s crafted, produced, and written in a way that makes it an entire experience to listen through.

The lyrics in ‘Lose Your Mind’ hit the tone of passionate love perfectly. It’s warm and comforting in a way. There’s a sexual energy that the lyrics have, but they’re written in a way that feels loving and full of care. The lyrical hook, “Shower your body in diamonds,” does a great job at pulling you into the chorus. It’s a great earworm that gives so much replayability. The lyrics work well with the cheery sound of the track, and this might be the next song you find yourself infatuated with.

Sekai is a new hip-hop and R&B artist who got his start releasing music this year. Sekai wrote ‘Lose Your Mind’ simply on the concept of love, but he’s shown that he can dash so many different inspirations into the songs he creates. This rapper has released two songs since this debut, one being called ‘Final Fantasy’ and the latest being called ‘Link’s Awakening.’ Through some of the lyrics of ‘Lose Your Mind,’ and the titles of these songs alone, there’s an aire of nostalgia to his musical presence. These three tracks are a great beginning for Sekai, and it’s exciting to think of where he’ll go next.

Written by Sage Plapp





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