‘So it Begins’ by Prove You Wrong

Have you been craving a sound that’s new but throws you straight back into a different era? If you grew up listening to hard rock music, Prove You Wrong’s debut single ‘So it Begins’ should be the next track on your radar. It does a great job at building a hard rock sound through every aspect. The vocals, instrumentation, and production work together to pull you straight back into the rock scene of the early 2000s.

‘So It Begins’ is nothing short of a nostalgia filled banger that encapsulates the energy of the classic hard rock sound. The vocals have a nice growl to them. The guitar riff has quick pace and establishes a great use of darker tones in the track, but it also works with a dynamic range by implementing some higher tones as well. All of the instruments complement each other wonderfully to build that punchy aggressive sound. Being a debut single, you can tell that everyone who worked on this track came in prepared and had a basis in music creation. They do a great job at taking old sounds and making them new again. It’s refreshing and amazing to hear someone capturing that hard rock nostalgia perfectly.

The lyrics of ‘So It Begins’ have a darkness underlying them, and they work creatively with an apocalyptic undertone. “So it begins, beginning of the end.” the chorus rings out. There’s so much to explore in this track’s lyricism, as is seems to work with metaphor in telling it’s story. It’s lyrics also have a highlight on betrayal and deceit. When lies get bolder, the end begins. There’s definitely an aspect that feels like it’s explaining the loss of a close friend. This friendship strays away and grows colder and colder as the end begins.

Prove You Wrong is a Yuma, Arizona-based rock band consisting of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Alex Munoz and drummer Doug Feasel. This musical project also benefits from the production and engineering of both Mike Bolenbach and Kobly Peoples. This group captures such a great nostalgic hard rock sound, throwing you straight back into the time where Velvet Revolver and Audioslave ruled the stage. This band was created by the mind of Munoz, who having played in several cover bands, wanted to explore his own signature sound. ‘So It Begins’ proves itself to be a great debut for this group, and it’s captivating to think about how this band will grow from here. And so it begins, but who knows where it may lead.

Written by Sage Plapp





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