“Radio Esc” by Mark Remmington

Rock fans won’t get enough of alt-rock artist Mark Remmington’s exhilarating new track, “Radio Esc.” The multidimensional song consists of a hard-hitting bass, addicting beat, and Remmington’s infectious voice: “Radio Esc” is a head-trip of a song, taking its listener on a dreamy and exciting journey.

Although “Radio Esc” has an overall uplifting feeling, with its soaring guitars and contagious melody, it has a much deeper meaning when listening to the lyrics. The alluring instrumental that brings its listeners in closer and closer juxtaposes with the message of the song; the track itself is talking about the radio in a sense, but “radio” is actually a metaphor for all the steps one must take to get your name out there as an independent artist. 

The radio can be literal, yes, but it is also a comment on social media and the often tricky way to navigate the modern world as an independent artist. All the ups and downs, pros and cons, and rollercoasters of a musician’s journey are documented in “Radio Esc.” Lyrics consisting of “You want to groove; you want to crash the party” and “I do a little dance for a radio song” highlight how sometimes, you will do anything to be able to “get on the radio.”

Along with its infectious lyrics and beat, “Radio Esc” is accompanied by an equally groovy and trippy music video. In a series of clips, Remmington is shown singing, half as himself and the other half as a drawn version of a skeleton, possibly being a metaphor for how draining being an independent artist is. As the music becomes more hazy and elusive, the video does as well: disoriented images of Remmington, with splashes of colors, until the instrumental slowly gets quieter. 

Take a listen to “Radio Esc” and Mark Remmington’s other music, as he is an artist that deserves recognition! 

Written by Melissa Cusano

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