“Afrique” by AkaiBoi, Su

Theophilus Akai aka AkaiBoi is a solo artist from Ghana, West Africa and is currently residing in Evansville, IN. He decided to have a partner for his first single of 2022, “Afrique”, he says he couldn’t fathom producing an African song without more Africans. So in comes a producer from the Democratic Republic of Congo Su, after working with him “Afrique” was brought to life. He hopes you enjoy this guitar-driven homage to his West African roots.

“Afrique” was originally posted to AkaiBoi’s TikTok, and after a wonderful mistake, it was decided that “Afrique” must become a full length song. His fans and new fans clearly loved it, with 500,000 views and over 80,000 likes, it was clear that “Afrique” was meant to be.

Put on your bathing suit, grab your towels and some snacks and get ready for some time by the water. “Afrique” will make you want to dance and have some drinks. AkaiBoi starts off the song with the mistake and his so called dad laugh from the infamous TikTok video, which instantly draws you in.

“Afrique” is a calming yet fun and upbeat song, it provides a lot of variety, you can easily study to this song but it’s also just as easy to pregame and party to “Afrique”. AkaiBoi will quickly become a top artist of yours, you will want to add his songs to any playlist you can.

Remember the name AkaiBoi because it will soon become a name that a lot of people know. With only two releases you can’t help but to long for more music from AkaiBoi.

Written by Jaye Maverick


Mistakes and Dad laughs 🤣. Contact me for session work on African music! #africanmusic #africanguitar #bloopers #fail #dadsoftiktok #guitarguy #music

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