JaVill is a five piece band that formed in 2015 they consist of singer Baz, keyboardist James Quinlan, bassist Jonathan Cooke Allen, drummer Sean Donohoe and guitarist Kevin Johnston. The boys from Dublin, Ireland describe their sound as alternative rock, blended with industrial elements.

The group has recently released their first single “Lifted” which was recorded in Hellfire Studios Dublin, with producer Kevin Brennan and Engineer Joe Mcgrath. This song will be part of an upcoming EP, which is set to be released later this year.

With 3,907 listens it’s obvious that “Lifted” is a song that people love and relate to. According to the group,  “Lifted” came from a personal experience with drug addiction. That inspired “Lifted” for the writer, the emotions of inner turmoil and emptiness were overcome in the end by the will to live and see another sunrise.

“Lifted” has an intense message that most people want and need to hear, it also has an intense video to match. When an artist speaks about problems that you may have or had makes you feel less alone, it makes you feel like you can overcome anything. The grunge rock sound is sure to get you in your emotions and head banging.

This may be their first single, but it won’t be hard to fall in love with JaVill. They have a fresh sound on a song yet it is also nostalgic feeling and transports you to maybe a tougher time. You are going to add this song to your rock playlists and it will easily become a favorite. The guys of JaVill do not disappoint.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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