“Already Blue” by Markus Murphy

If you’re into songs with an intoxicating groove and an unforgettable melody, “Already Blue” by Markus Murphy will doubtlessly give you some dopamine. With its live instrumentation and classic chord progressions, this track sounds timeless. It’s got all of the ingredients to become an evergreen.

The song starts with a funky bass and drum groove, quickly joined by some plucky, staccato piano chords and a melodious string line. Already the vintage, feel-good atmosphere is pretty solidified. Murphy’s vocals slide in, crooning, “I want you to know now that I was a fool.” A few reverb-soaked background vocals echo this line with distinctive harmony choices. Although the lyrical content may be slightly melancholy, the music is so easy-listening and sunny that the track airs on the upbeat side. It’s got that windows-rolled-down, road-trip-to-nowhere kind of feeling.

The chorus swells with crunchy, tight background vocals and chords that effortlessly build and release tension. The melody, mostly consisting of longer, held-out notes, compliments this ebb and flow. There’s a beautiful contrast between the short, rhythmic verse and the washy ambiance of the chorus–making the eventual cadence back into the verse all the more satisfying.

After another verse and chorus, the song devolves into this chaotic, entrancing solo section. The bass gets far more complicated. The keyboard plinks out some improvisation. The guitar becomes bright and rhythmic. A saxophone comes careening into the mix. The strings repeat some of their original motifs. It’s the perfect fade-out. Every sound that was taking the backseat suddenly gets its moment to shine. As the song wanes, the listener is left humming at least one of the several tantalizing melodies.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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