“JAZZID RAP” by Sprouts, rohan!

Coming from Washington D.C are two rappers and producers….Sprouts & rohan! The duo met in grade school and quickly became friends, and now they have been friends close to a decade now. They two came together because they were both little brown boys ridiculed for their westernized quirks. The multi-talented duo are both classically trained musicians, specializing in percussion, throughout their adulthood, they maintained a relationship of trust, emotional companionship, and creativity.

“JAZZID RAP” is ahead of it’s time. The first album release from Sprouts and rohan! does not disappoint, it starts off with the single from the duo and MAX B which is a single you would think you’ve heard from your childhood. “A-SIDE (INTRO)” really gets you into the right mindset for “JAZZID RAP”.

rohan! released an EP back in 2020 of 5 songs, this EP was called “Jazzid”, it’s a very relaxing and calming EP with the obvious jazzy hints to it. If you have listened to “Jazzid” by rohan! then you will understand “JAZZID RAP” so much more, it’s like “Jazzid” in steroids. If jazzid rap isn’t already a genre then it needs to be, Sprouts and rohan! have created something great.

According to the duo, “JAZZID RAP” is a chronological journey of self-exploration and adopting one’s personal artistry, no matter where they came from or how much commitment they’ve already made to the art. It’s important for anyone to go on a journey to find oneself, as cheesy as it sounds, it’s very needed. Following the journey through the minds of Sprouts and rohan! is a journey that you are going to want to take.

The two guys from Washington, D.C. provide a nostalgic, spoken word vibe that you can’t help but to love. Once you get to “CHAMBER HOP” you can really feel the heart, soul and passion between the two, it seems to be the theme song of “JAZZID RAP”. This is the song that makes you want to get out of your seat, the j-j-j-jazzid rap will make you want to get buck with it.

Thank God for the bonus song, “THE LAB” because 7 songs was just not enough. As the album comes to and end, you can’t help but to appreciate what the two young men and MAX B have done here. They have brought something beautiful into the world and you are instantly grateful to have heard it. You won’t be able to hit repeat as you wait for the next release.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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