“Castle in the Sky” by David Ward

Having reviewed music for some 13 years, it’s always a good feeling when an artist comes through with a surprising sound. I’d never heard of David Ward until recently and now I’m wondering when the rest of the world will be lucky enough to make his musical acquaintance because the pipes on this man could move mountains. David Ward gives off the vibes of a beloved boy band in their final years, while also delivering a wholesome, empowering performance in his newest single, “Castle in the Sky.” 

So about a minute or so into “Castle in the Sky” I was like, what does this remind me of? Then it hit me – N’SYNC. Not so much what they did on their debut or even their sophomore album that sold a whopping two million copies in its first week over two decades ago, but more so their final release, ‘Celebrity.’ The album where it was clear Justin Timberlake was going to set sail on his own soon after. David Ward gives off that Timberlake confidence in his delivery. So much so that you cannot help but be enthralled by the soulful bursts and fierce falsettos displayed over the course of “Castle in the Sky.” 

Enthralled, but also moved. David Ward knows how to not only hook a listener but also how to then make them feel every word that escapes his lips. The song has this gospel undertone to it with the vibrant choir moments that manage to uplift as well that are undeniable. It’s definitely a song that will garner a few repeats from everyone who presses play. 

“Castle in the Sky” is David Ward’s latest and can be heard now as well as on his upcoming album, ‘LoZ.’ To hear more from David Ward, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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